Betty Shulenberger Scholarship Fund

Description: Bette Shulenberger was a pioneer in endoscopy nursing here in the Northwest. In 1970, she joined the Gastroenterology Department of Group Health Cooperative and developed the role of endoscopy nurse. She received extra training to become a nurse practitioner, and in 1972 began performing independent sigmoidoscopies. Bette performed over 20,000 sigmoidoscopies during the course of her career. She began teaching sigmoidoscopies in 1984 to Group Health family practitioners, internists, and residents. Over 140 physicians were taught by Bette. She also co-authored an article in The Journal of Family Practice on teaching sigmoidoscopies to family physicians.

Bette was a founding member of PNWSGNA and was very instrumental in starting the Northwest Chapter. Over the years, she was very active in the regional activities, but her great love was attending the national course.

 On January 1, 1989, Bette was tragically killed in an auto accident caused by a drunken driver who hit her car head-on.

Purpose: To honor Bette’s memory, this scholarship fund was created to enable PNWSGNA members to attend SGNA’s National Conference to experience what Bette enjoyed so much. Each year, four scholarships will be awarded, each in the amount of the early bird registration fee. The scholarship recipients will be selected by the PNWSGNA Board.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicant must:
    • Be an active SGNA member for two years
    • Actively support PNWSGNA in both performance and philosophy
    • Apply in writing, documenting their intention to attend a National meeting, and describing their goals and objectives, financial need, and what they personally have done to support PNWSGNA and SGNA
    • Complete the attached application form, including descriptive information regarding the above criteria.
  2. Applicants are ineligible if:
    • They received this scholarship the previous year.
    • They have received this scholarship in the past and did not fulfill the agreed-upon terms of the scholarship.
    • The application is incomplete.

Terms of Agreement:

  1. Recipient agrees to apply this scholarship money towards the tuition of the SGNA National conference that is held in the year that the scholarship is awarded.
  2. Within 30 days following the conference, the scholarship recipient agrees to:
    • Submit a short article (2 to 3 paragraphs) to the PNWSGNA Newsletter Editor describing highlights of what was learned and what will be useful on the job.
    • Submit a copy of their Certificate of Attendance to the PNWSGNA Scholarship Chair.
  3. Deadline for submitting application: March 1st (each year).

Selection Process and Disbursement of Funds: 

  1. Applications will be reviewed by the PNWSGNA Board at the Board Meeting held each spring. Upon review of each application, Board Members will score each “Application Questionnaire” in the following manner:
Question: Score
Yes No
1. Are you applying for another scholarship to attend the upcoming SGNA National Conference? 0 +1
2. Have you received another scholarship to attend the upcoming SGNA National Conference? 0 +1
3. Are you receiving any funding from your employer to attend the upcoming SGNA National Conference? 0 +1
4. Have you ever attended the SGNA National Conference? 0 +1
5. Are you applying for certification at the upcoming SGNA National Conference? +1 0
6. Have you received the Bette Shulenberger Memorial Scholarship in the past? -1 per scholarship received +1
7. Have you served on the PNWSGNA Board in the past 5 years? +1 0
  1. The four applicants with the highest scores will be awarded the Bette Shulenberger Memorial Scholarship for that year’s upcoming SGNA Annual Conference. In the event of a tie, the Board will use the Personal Statements of those who tied in order to make the final scholarship recipient selection. 
  2. Scholarship recipients will be notified of the Board’s decision either in person, during the Spring GI conference (held in the Seattle area each year), or in writing.
  3. Within 14 days of the receipt of submitted items, the PNWSGNA Treasurer will draft a check in the amount of the Early Bird Registration fee to the recipient.

Please note: Scholarship policies, guidelines, and budget will be set by the PNWSGNA Board.

Application Instructions:

  1. Download and complete the application form (please print legibly!).
  2. Send completed application to the current PNWSGNA Scholarship Chair.
  3. Applications must be received by March 1st.

Download Application:

Click here to download as a PDF file      or      Click here to download as a Word document