Andy Gilmore Memorial Scholarship Fund - Provided by Olympus

A Memorial to Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore was an Olympus Representative in the Pacific Northwest Region.  He was respected and trusted by all who had the pleasure of working with him.  Every member of the health care team was important to Andy and he recognized each individuals unique contribution to the GI team.  He always had a positive and optimistic outlook, wonderful smile, and a kind word for everyone.

Andy’s family was the center of his life.  Although he was busy with his career and active in his community and church, he knew the importance of balancing his professional and family life.

Andy was honored by Olympus as “Salesman of the Year” in 2000, which has now been established as an annual award.

On February 19, 2000, Andy lost his battle with cancer.  To honor his memory, Olympus and PNWSGNA established this scholarship to assist a gastroenterology health care team member with the expenses associated with attending the SGNA Annual Course.  Each year, one $1000 scholarship will be awarded. *

Criteria for Application:

Potential scholarship recipients:

  • Do NOT have to be PNWSGNA member
  • May be any member of the gastroenterology health care team that is interested in attending the SGNA Annual Course.
  • Should embody the following qualities:
    • Have the respect and trust of co-workers
    • Encourage teamwork through example
    • Present a positive and optimistic outlook
    • Strive to maintain the delicate balance of professional and private life.
    • Be active in the community, through schools, church, charities, politics, etc.
  • Provide a written narrative that describes themselves and the qualities listed above
  • Agree to the Terms of Agreement

Selection Process:  The PNWSGNA Board will review all nominations and select the current year’s scholarship awardee.  The scholarship recipient will be notified via mail, email, or in person.

Application Instructions:

The scholarship applicant:

  1. Review, complete and sign the Application and Terms of Agreement.
  2. Provide a written narrative describing your interest in attending the SGNA Annual Course, you professional GI experience, your community/family/volunteer experiences (see ‘Criteria for Application’).
  3. Submit the completed application and narrative to the current PNWSGNA Scholarship Chair.
  4. Deadline for receipt of the application by the PNWSGNA Scholarship Chair is: March 1st @ 5:00 pm, annually.
  • Upon receipt of the Application, the PNWSGNA Scholarship Chair will review all applications with the PNWSGNA Board, who will determine the recipient of the Andy Gilmore Memorial Scholarship – Provided by Olympus.
  • Awarding of the scholarship is made at the GI Potpourri Conference each spring.
  • The awardee will be notified by mail, email, phone or in person.

* All scholarship policies, guidelines, and budget are set by the PNWSGNA Board and are subject to changes.

Download Application:

Click here to download as a PDF file      or      Click here to download as a Word document