Associates and Technicians Program Information

SGNA Associates Program

This educational program is for SGNA Associates and Technicians. It contains 8 PowerPoint modules: Anatomy & Pysiology, Equipment, Risk Management, Safety, Reprocessing/Infection Control, Patient Care, Roles & Responsibilities, and Emergency Preparedness

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What a great deal! From now until the end of 2006, if a group of associates from the same facility sign up for the ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, each one can receive a discount. See below for the group rate discount structure:

Group of 5 sign up?  Each associate gets $5 off!
Group of 10 sign up?  Each associate gets $10 off!
Group of 15 or more sign up?  Each associate gets $15 off!

The regular price for this program is $80 for SGNA members and $160 for Non-members. For more information about the program, visit

You can take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER by completing the Associates Program Order form on the website. You may also contact SGNA Headquarters to place this order or receive a form to send in a check. For assistance, please call 800-245-7462 or email

Programs do not have to be purchased at the same time to receive these discounts, but they do need to be from the same facility. If the order is not placed at the same time for a group, discounts will not be applied until the final order is received and the discount will be issued as a refund for the earlier orders (as of August 1, 2006). If other associates in your facility have already purchased the program prior to August 1, 2006, we will honor them as additions to your group number, but not refund the discount from their fees (the discount will only apply to the orders after August 1, 2006).

** New Certification for Endoscope Reprocessing**  The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) will beging offering certification for those who reprocess endoscope equipment.  The new credential will assess the competency of those who reprocess flexible GI endoscopes and bronchoscopes(Click here for more information)