History of PNWSGNA

Our Beginning

In the early 1970’s, Dr. Fred Silverstein from the University of Washington, recognized the importance of GI Associates and encouraged nurses to being networking. In 1974, Pam Washington from the University, organized meetings, which were rotated among Seattle hospitals, for discussion of clinical topics in gastroenterology.

The first national SGA (Society of Gastroenterology Associates) meeting was held in San Francisco in 1974 and four from Seattle attended: Doris Bergman, Helen Rockom, Burt Lowenstrein, and Bette Schulenberger. It was their enthusiasm along with the leadership of Pam Washington, which began to spark interest in the specialty of gastroenterology for nurses and associates in the Northwest.

On May 17, 1982, the Pacific Northwest was granted its charter from SGA at the national meeting in Chicago. Over the years, interest has continued and now members in our region come from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Alaska.

PNWSGNA Past Presidents:

1982   Pam Washington 1996   Gale Mohl
1983   Jody Patterson 1997   Mary Beth Philips
1984   Lorna Andrews 1998   Patti Wilbur
1985   Susan Farrell 1999   Liz W. Moehrke
1986   Pam Washington 2000   Jennifer Gleasson
1987   Sandy Stevens 2001   Carolyn Anderson
1988   Helen Kearny 2002   Jill Ragsdale
1989   Helen Kearny 2003   Cathi Dodson
1990   Jody Patterson 2004   Jeanne Ronk
1991   Sheilia Holmes 2005/6   Debbie Tomb
1992   Diana Parker 2007/8   Heather Blyth-Foss
1993   Tim Davis 2009  Donna Seaburg
1994   Diana Parker 2011  Sheryl Tack
1995   Sally Stewart 2013 Rick Drasye

Past Medical Directors for the PNWSGNA:

Richard Baerg Douglas Levine
Frank Baumeister Steven Lewis
Richard Billingham Emmet O’Keefe
James Bredfeldt Thomas O’Meara
David Gilbert Fred Silverstein
Marty Greene Robert Veitch
John Halsey John J. Brandabur
Eric Harder John Meisel
Geoffrey Jiranek Oliver Biggers
Kale Kang Gregory Schlepp
Michael Kimmey John P. Hinds
Jonathan Levant Terrance Ball
Barry Levenson